High Voltage Mass 1000, High Voltage Mass 5000, High Voltage Whey 6000, High Voltage Micronized Creatine are the products of High Voltage Brand
High Voltage Mass 1000 is a weight gainer supplement for men and women. It contains high amount of carbohydrates with other required nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids
High Voltage Mass 5000 is an advanced mass gainer supplement. It contains high amount of carbohydrate with other necessary nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and specially workout supporting ingredients like Creatine and Glutamine.
High Voltage Whey 6000 is a muscle gainer. As the name implies it is a whey protein supplement.
High Voltage Creatine is a pre workout supplement. It is in the micronized form. It can be dissolved in water or juice easily.
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